Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exorcise the NSA!

Drive the demons from the NSA data collection building known as "Titanpointe"! 

Mass exorcism ritual to purify data, reject false gods... and defend freedom of thought!

Date: Sat. April 15th

Time: Noon

Place: 33 Thomas St. in downtown Manhattan

- Check this website for the latest updates on this protest action

If you have ever been to downtown Manhattan, near city hall and the courts, perhaps you asked yourself, "what is this monstrous, faceless building?"  Now, thanks to great investigative reporting from The Intercept, we know the answer.  Through this exorcism ritual we hope to bring greater public attention to this NSA data collection facility.  Let us shine a light on this dark place.

Read the article from The Intercept:

TITAN POINTE - The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight

Why are we exorcising this building?  The issue of mass surveillance and personal privacy is very important, even if you "have nothing to hide."  This totalitarian data collection facility is in strict opposition to the functioning of democracy, including freedom of thought and association.  The discussion below explains this issue clearly and in depth:

Monday, March 13, 2017

Press Release

March 13, 2017


Date: Saturday, April 15th
Time: 12 P.M.
Location: 33 Thomas St. New York, NY

Good Morning!

On April 15th, The Quiet American – an arts and politics journal based out of Ridgewood, Queens – will perform a rite of exorcism on the building at 33 Thomas Street, codenamed ‘TITANPOINTE’ in NSA files recently released by Edward Snowden. Located in the dark heart of downtown Manhattan, the building is a major communications hub nominally owned by AT&T, but which houses at least two floors of NSA data collection facilities.[1]

In the interests of metaphysically purging the edifice of the data it hoards and invoking a less maniacal version of citizen-government relations, on April 15th at 12 p.m. a cadre of priests, supplicants, and a volunteer choir affiliated with The Quiet American will exorcise the malevolent energy coursing through the so-called ‘Long Lines Building’ at 33 Thomas Street. This sacred day falls approximately one day before the rising of Christ, and three days before tax day.

Beginning with a prayer for the building’s physical materials and an invocation of the gods this architectural fiasco has insulted, exorcisors will then lay a perimeter of salt around the building to render ineffective the sinister frequencies it broadcasts. In a rite of liberation and fertility, thousands of pages of personal data, bouquets of flowers, and an ostrich egg will then be sacrificed to the building, thereby triggering a massive spiritual data hemorrhage that will release the banal facts of our lives back into their proper home - the ether – and expel the demons of fear and suspicion from the temple.

Out demons out! You too are affected! Protect the Self!

For more information: editor@thequietamericanreview.org.

About 33 Thomas Street
Windowless, monolithic, and creepy as all hell, the building at 33 Thomas Street is an altar to a false god, a monument to the bottomless fear that locks us in permanent war and makes us suspicious of our neighbors, our own towns and cities, our own capabilities and impulses. Windowless, shuttered to the world that it is intended to spy on, the building at 33 Thomas Street is a maelstrom of negative energy, a black hole that sucks up light in the form of our personal communications, then in some alchemical sleight of hand returns that light in the form of a panic and dread which we are assured is the real common currency of our civic life. Rather than allay fears of the end however, this brutalist heap - designed to withstand a nuclear assault and sustain the employees working within its bowels for two weeks - broadcasts paranoia.

Why We Exorcise
We reject the fear that this building represents; not merely that fear's ugly architectural expression but the very premise of the building, the cheap perfume of a doomsday wish that - let's admit it - is very sexy to a nation raised on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Clancy films. We reject the image of the world that requires such a building, just as we reject the banal image of ourselves that it creates. It is an architectural vote of no-confidence in faith, hope, charity, or any of the ideals that we aspire to as Americans, much less humans: a tombstone to our better selves. As such, the building must be made metaphysically non-operational as soon as possible.  If this all-spying eye is with us in every moment, can we ever be alone?

About The Quiet American:
The Quiet American is an arts and politics journal that explores the dreary, hysterical landscape of American media and proposes a brighter, gentler alternative. Arrogantly published in the anachronistic medium of newsprint 4 times a year by a ruthless group of men and women, The Quiet American makes its home among the rocks, nooks, and crannies left unexplored by conventional, profitable outlets.

The Quiet American Review


[1]  https://theintercept.com/2016/11/16/the-nsas-spy-hub-in-new-york-hidden-in-plain-sight/