Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exorcise the NSA!

Drive the demons from the NSA data collection building known as "Titanpointe"! 

Mass exorcism ritual to purify data, reject false gods... and defend freedom of thought!

Date: Sat. April 15th

Time: Noon

Place: 33 Thomas St. in downtown Manhattan

- Check this website for the latest updates on this protest action

If you have ever been to downtown Manhattan, near city hall and the courts, perhaps you asked yourself, "what is this monstrous, faceless building?"  Now, thanks to great investigative reporting from The Intercept, we know the answer.  Through this exorcism ritual we hope to bring greater public attention to this NSA data collection facility.  Let us shine a light on this dark place.

Read the article from The Intercept:

TITAN POINTE - The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight

Why are we exorcising this building?  The issue of mass surveillance and personal privacy is very important, even if you "have nothing to hide."  This totalitarian data collection facility is in strict opposition to the functioning of democracy, including freedom of thought and association.  The discussion below explains this issue clearly and in depth:

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